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Deathly Hallows part 2

Deathly Hallows part 2

Yeaaaaaaaaaah baby~ Harry Potter and teh Deathly Hallows part 2 trailer is ouuuuuuuuuuuuuut~ I'm so excited~~
The end is nigh. The end is SO nigh that you can practically taste it. We are mere months away from the release of the final, FINAL Harry ...
YouTube - "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2" Trailer 1
Video: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II first trailer
WATCH: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer
@SnitchSeeker: Video: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II first trailer
i cant wait to see the deathly hallows part 2. its look amazing
production:people: auto:hourly: FIRST LOOK: Trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
No words can describe how I feel after watching the Deathly Hallows 2 trailer, aiuhjfasjfa. ACCIO JULY
I think I'm gonna cry during Deathly Hallows Part 2. I mean seriously Snape !!!!!! and the fact that a huge part of my childhood is ending.
I've watched the Deathly Hallows trailer like 43820 times today.
i actually cant wait to see the deathly hallows part 2. it looks so good
First Deathly Hallows, Part Two Trailer Released
just seen the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - wow! so excited for July 15th!
So the new "Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2" trailer is out. Come and get it, you heathens!
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Help you save The particular Ecosystem, Produce a Windmill

Seeking to produce a windmill for your own personel has not been usually one thing that is achievable for a do-it-yourself challenge. This employed to need a expert and also time and effort and also high priced apparatus. These days, on the other hand you can create your own personal windmill in your house and also help you save the particular ecosystem as well as your per month electricity expenditures.

Spend less, Produce a Windmill

The majority of family members provides in relation to $1200 well worth associated with power bills annually. In numerous spots a new windmill is able to create as long as 60% of your household vigor requirements. Meaning of which a normal property that has a windmill put in can discover a new personal savings associated with as long as $720 annually. With this particular number as their intended purpose, you will see a roi may be came to the realization very fast in the least.

By means of getting the particular need areas and also apparatus you, real estate windmill may be put together to get below $300. In case you are certainly not employed to using the services of power on the other hand, it can be formidable proposed which you employ a domestic electrical engineer ahead around and also catch the particular windmill as long as your home or perhaps electricity resource. This is often pretty risky if you can not understand what you are performing.

Help you save The particular Ecosystem, Produce a Windmill

The fact on the make a difference is always that windmills are generally one of many cleanest varieties of vigor on this planet. The particular supply of vigor is completely replenish-able and also isn't really about to possibly be lowered at any time shortly. You'll find simply no by-products developed as soon as the particular the wind may be altered for you to vigor. Simply no CARBON DIOXIDE may be emitted additionally polluting the air. The sole some other way of electricity that is definitely the following sparkling is definitely photo voltaic. The variety of both would likely help to make for your actually eco informed house hold electricity by allows associated with mother nature.

The option is very much pretty evident. You will notice a timely return, and also lessen electricity expenditures when the particular windmill is definitely created. It'll produce a confident impact on the particular ecosystem. Your time and efforts committed to setting up a new windmill can continue to keep pay out returns on the long run. A person's pocket book can thanks and also long run years can thanks.

Solar panel technology to get households can be a handy, and also today, reasonably affordable way to reduce your property vigor charges and also employ a new replenish-able, sparkling supply of vigor. Obviously solar panel technology can be a large advantage into the health on the world considering the overall deficiency associated with polluting residues or perhaps trouble for the particular ecosystem.

It can be interestingly uncomplicated make use of solar panel technology to cut back or perhaps remove your house vigor charges and also with this artilce I may examine the particular practicalities to do hence. Plus the topple with gains into the ecosystem are generally tremendous and also evident considering the decrease associated with reliance with previously minimizing materials associated with fossil heats up.

Photo voltaic Baking

A new photo voltaic cooker will help you make meal to get as long as a few folks.. without having high priced inputs like power as well as your photo voltaic cooker will help you boil, make and also beef roasts a person's meal. The sole disadvantage you could come across will be the lenght of their time it'll decide to use make.

Although granted you are utilizing solar energy, in fact it is a no cost supply of vigor, a lot of people will be more in comparison with joyful becoming a very little sufferer and also harvest some great benefits of the particular affordable vigor and also diminished vigor charges.

Photo voltaic Property Lights

Photo voltaic property lights is definitely developed by means of asking solar cells having solar panel technology that retailers the particular vigor and also permits you to gentle your house, when direct sunlight is just not great.

Photo voltaic Warming Methods

Photo voltaic warming methods are getting to be very popular and also there are plenty of providers setting up these methods these days. The particular roi is definitely these of which soon after 3/4 many years a person's cut in vigor charges may have given back a person's preliminary expenditure and also give people having free of charge vigor on the long run.

Solar panel technology Points - Why should you Examine Solar energy

There's always a new require to think about some other means to supply the facility for you to stuff that people employ on a regular basis. Once we have got some other varieties of vigor, we could be sure that people shouldn't get devoid of everything each time a herbal problem techinques. Behind closed doors, it has been tested that people may not be resistant for you to herbal disasters. Although indications of points associated with solar panel technology? You'll find lots of solar panel technology points of which help to make individuals believe this can be a wise notion. A few points are generally:

1) Improved for your ecosystem

Real, certainly not many people are seeing that excited seeing that Greenpeace or perhaps some other activist safeguarding the particular ecosystem, although it is crucial for you to usually imagine the particular ecosystem with you. Vigor can be a useful resource of which is important to own. Naturally for getting vigor will be the very best for your ecosystem due to the various means all of us help you save. Assisting the particular ecosystem assists individuals eventually. A lot of people are generally cautious about the following report simply because they don't ensure what we should accomplish into the ecosystem wounds individuals.

2) Will save people capital

Indeed it can be real, obtaining residential solar panels on your property will save people capital. Capital that is rescued is definitely expended if you are certainly not utilizing solar panel technology. The reason being to get you kilowatt-hour because solar panel technology solar panels have got, you are able to electricity a new hundred watt lamp to get ten hrs. The following by yourself will save people capital mainly because anyone with counting on a new meter; you might be counting on a person's solar panel technology program.

3) Forces every little thing

Pools, followers, little home equipment, significant home equipment, and several some other items may be electric by sunlight. Keeping the vigor that is definitely rescued from a photo voltaic mill, you are able to achieve even more through your favourite stuff devoid of concerning in relation to the price tag on power. Occasionally the price tag on power could lead you to possibly be indebted in case you are certainly not thorough.

You might want to find out much more in relation to solar energy ahead of investments some time and also vigor it will require for you to replace your house suitable more efficient property. Direct sunlight can be a crucial power source since it can be acquired worldwide, and it also can rarely work. By power for you to drinking water, solar panel technology could deal with all the things that people plan to employ every day. Imagining for your long run is definitely under no circumstances careless program, specially around periods associated with uncertainty. Because economic system increases, you are able to program improved and also produce educated judgements. All these solar panel technology points by yourself need to tell that you help to make the particular button for you to observe solar panel technology options.
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Konten Sehat ala Blogger attayaya

Konten Sehat ala Blogger

ICTWATCH dalam web INTERNET SEHAT menulis :
Siapapun yang mengakses internet berisiko menjadi korban kejahatan cyber

Wise While Online, Think Before Posting

Berita dari ICTWATCH menyebutkan bahwa survey mengejutkan yang dihasilkan oleh Symantec menghasilkan data statistik bahwa 96% Netter Cilik INDONESIA mengalami pengalaman buruk saat online di dunia internet. Jelas ini karena terbukanya celah bagi anak untuk membuka atau men-download konten yang tidak pantas (seperti pornografi, kekerasan, perjudian). Survey juga mengungkap bahwa pengalaman buruk di internet sedikit banyak akan mempengaruhi sisi emosional dan psikologis anak-anak, antara lain merasa marah, bingung, takut, terganggu, kaget, khawatir, hingga jijik karena telah melihat konten negatif atau bahkan terpengaruh pada bahan bacaan yang tersedia di internet.

Hal ini juga berhubung artikel-artikel yang diposting oleh pemilik web atau blog baik tulisan atau gambar maupun video yang membeberkan pornografi, kekerasan, SARA dan hal negatif lainnya, karena yang mereka pikirkan adalah trafik atau jumlah pengunjung yang meningkat pada web/blog mereka. Mereka mungkin tidak memikirkan tentang anak keturunan mereka yang bakal menggunakan internet juga. Seandainya sebuah web/blog yang berisi tentang seksualitas secara vulgar yang bukan berisi pendidikan seks, kemudian dibaca oleh anaknya sendiri, anak si pemilik web/blog tersebut. Apa efek psikologis yang diderita sang anak karena orangtuanya memosting artikel yang bersifat negatif.

Merupakan hal yang sangat penting bagi orangtua, saudara atau orang dekat untuk menjalin komunikasi secara terbuka dengan anak tentang pengalaman online anak mereka. Jadilah sahabat bagi anak sehingga mereka tidak mereka takut dimarahi ketika kedapatan mengakses konten negatif. Temani anak ketika mengakses internet dan berikan penjelasan mana yang boleh diakses dan yang tidak. Beri informasi sebanyak-banyaknya kepada anak tentang ancaman dan risiko yang mengintai mereka di dunia maya, buatlah kesepakatan dan aturan dalam menggunakan internet, dan gunakan software parental control untuk membantu melindungi anak. Selain itu, tempatkan komputer di tempat strategis di rumah sehingga bisa dipantau.

Langkah/Cara berinternet sehat menurut ICTwatch :
  1. Tumbuhkan konten yang sehat.
  2. Mendukung program penyehatan Internet bagi keluarga dan sekolah.
  3. Memberikan pemahaman tentang ber-Internet yang Sehat kepada anak-anak sedini dan seintensif mungkin sejak usia SD hingga SMP.
Sejalan dengan itu, sebuah komunitas blogger di Pekanbaru bernama BLOGGER BERTUAH PEKANBARU yang dimulai oleh http://manajemenemosi.blogspot.com telah mengadakan kegiatan online yang berhubungan internet sehat. Kegiatan ini jelas mendukung Langkah 2 di atas dengan tujuan pada Langkah 1. Blogger Bertuah Pekanbaru sangat mendukung Internet Sehat dengan mengajak semua blogger INDONESIA untuk bersatu padu MENUMBUHKAH KONTEN SEHAT ala BLOGGER. Konten Sehat yang dimaksud adalah postingan/artikel/gambar yang bersifat positif dan menghapus (jika ada) konten-konten negatif yang pernah diposting dalam web/blog masing-masing.

Menumbuhkan konten sehat ini ditaja dalam GERAKAN SEO POSITIF sebagai SEO AMAL tanpa imbalah apapun, dimana para blogger membuat 1 atau lebih postingan yang berisi konten positif mengenai SMP dan ANAK SMP di blognya masing-masing dan jika mampu sekalian melakukan optimasi untuk masuk ke halaman pertama pencarian google.co.id dan/atau google.com yang dianggap sebagai mesin pencari umum.

Catatan :
  1. Kata kunci (keyword) SMP dan ANAK SMP jika dicari melalui mesin pencari google pada beberapa waktu lalu ternyata menghasilkan konten-konten negatif yang berbau seksualitas/pornografi baik tulisan, gambar maupun video.
  2. Perkembangan positif dari usaha diatas berupa penunjukan hasil pencarian di google.co.id atas keyword tersebut sudah mulai terisi konten positif yang berarti konten negatif sudah mulai tergeser dari halaman depan, walau masih ada tersisa beberapa artikel negatif.
  3. Usaha ini tetap dilanjutkan

Terima kasih untuk semua kerjasama ini.
Tetaplah mengisi konten positif di blog masing-masing.

Perjuangan belom berakhir

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Temu Kangen Alumni 4968 - TKA 4968

Temu Kangen Alumni 4968 direncanakan akan dilaksanakan pada 6-7 Desember 2008 dengan berbagai agenda. Salah satunya adalah mengadakan acara sunatan massal terhadap sekitar 200 anak yang kurang mampu, jalan santai dan acara hiburan dengan menghadirkan band papan atas dari Jakarta yaitu Wali Band. TKA 4968 ini bertujuan untuk mempererat tali silaturahmi sesama alumni SMPP 49, SMAN 6, SMUN 6, SMUN 8, dan SMAN 8 Pekanbaru.

Bagi rekan-rekan juga disediakan SMS Center dengan nomor 0813-80934169. Atau dapat menghubungi kontak person :
Firdaus : 0811751236
Bastian : 08127541731
Edi Iskandar : 08153735792
Rani : 0811765102
Fauzan : 08127580096
Sondra : 08127534912
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